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Hell yeah!

16 Nov

I stumbled upon this article today. I really love it- it’s maybe a tad on the feminist side, but I love it nonetheless. I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves as women to look like the girls on Gossip Girl or on 90210 when in actuality, that’s not realistic. There’s so much pressure to LOSE LOSE LOSE that we lose sight of the fact that working out should be a way to build your body up; build muscle, run harder, stretch further. Making sure that your body is healthy and working right. I wish there was less focus on getting that perfect bikini bod and more focus on putting good nutritional foods into your mouth to nourish your body and more emphasis on physical activity that not only enriches your body, but enriches your lives. Exercise should be fun! I’ve always had a problem with this. Exercise has always been

I love skiing!

a chore or an expected activity that would get me into good colleges. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with working out and I would really like to start working on that. I mean, running is hard and it takes a while to get into. But I know I like it when I do it, I just put pressure on myself that working out has to be this big huge all-out sweat fest or nothing happens. I mean, I love being athletic. It’s one of the things I miss most being overweight. I still try to be athletic but it doesn’t come as easy so therefore I do less of it. I love skiing, skating, hiking, kayaking, boot hockey, broomball, bowling, tennis, the list goes on and on! I just need to get in a mindset that moving my body should be fun and not a chore. I should be excited to get out after work and do something to move my body. The question is, how do I start this

And love hiking...especially with my sisters

healthy movement relationship? I know that mentally I’m held back by my fear of working out and not seeing results but I have to let go of that control and just go for it. I was tell Vanessa the other day that I’ve recently reached quite a nice place: a new job, a new apartment, and a good relationship with friends and family. I feel like my life is coming into it’s own but the one thing that I’m failing at is this weight loss. So the other day I felt this calm come over me- like I knew exactly what I needed to do to make this work. I felt a calm about food and felt excited about moving my body and the possibilities I have for myself athletically. If I focus on that, both healthy relationship with food and working out, I think I can see some results. I’m on my own and only I can make this decision for myself. I choose to have my healthy relationships start now. When will yours start?




Why Weight?

28 Oct

I started a new job this week, woot woot! It’s awesome. One of the best things is being surrounded by young, fit people who take pride in how they look and how they dress (but not to an obnoxious point). It’s great- health and nutrition are definitely focused on here, having a work out gym AND training classes provided for us every day. The communal snacks are healthy too- the fridge stocked with milk, fruit and light cheese snacks and the dry snacks consisting of nuts and dried fruit, light crackers and granola. another nice thing is that they encourage taking an hour to an hour and half each day for exercise- everyone does it. talk about awesome!! and i DONT want to be the one that’s eating all the time so there’s some peer pressure that will keep the snacking down.

anyways, lucky for me, i’m here just in time for this “Why Weight” challenge. Pretty much what you’re thinking, biggest loser-style 6 week weight loss challenge where you are in teams of 4 and the the team with the biggest % loss wins (not strict lbs. but %

looks like santa may need a lil help before the holidays...mrs. clause will love it!

of body weight lost). There’s also a big $$ pot involved! Winning team gets all the dinero. awesome. So, this challenge goes through november into early december- just in time for christmas. it’s actually pretty good because i figure if i lose weight before the holidays, i’m more likely to be good come party time. also being with a team of 3 people that i don’t know (who are really competitive) will be good peer pressure too- don’t f it up annie!!!

so- my goal is to go to at least 3 classes per week here at work (i’m dropping my health club membership- makes no sense when everything is available here, right?!) and eat lots of veggies and healthy food. just be smart about it, ya know? already i feel like i’ve lost some weight this week just not snacking at work! there are also PLENTY of attractive young males in this office, wouldnt hurt to look and feel my best!!! maybe even pull THIS out for the company holiday party this year?

ho ho ho...literally.


so, for the next 6 weeks i’m going to drink far less (i know i know, it’s tough, but i’m really gonna try), eat less and try and get these flabby arms in shape!! and hopefully come out the other end the better/hotter because of it.

so here’s to not waiting to weigh less! start your own why weight challenge with me if you’d like!




21 Sep

i saw a beautiful, beautiful thing today. i was NOT motivated to go running and instead decided to go through more stuff for my big move coming up. i really REALLY regret it and don’t think i’ll skip running again any time soon. but to inspire me just that much more, i saw this video.

wow. talk about amazing. i want to make this video in a year!! to be inspired and just keep running until i love it and can’t go a day without it. already i’m feeling the connection and slight addiction to it which is great, but i want to run longer and harder and faster….i want to run this half marathon and be inspired to keep running, do another, and do better!!! so, keep your hopes up and just know that every little workout is helping you be HAPPY and get in shape (and feel good naked).



The Tongue is the Strongest Muscle in the Body

15 Sep

I just counted, it’s been 9 years since I took a real actual hard-science class.  In college, my liberal arts science was psychology (with some sort of lab that I had to touch a mouse) and forensic science (I could probably make meth if I wanted).  But, those were in the days before I drank, so I’ll assume my memory will serve me well.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure in those early days of science, I heard somewhere that per square inch (or likely some fancy unit of measurement), the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.

So I mean, when I run my mouth all day long, I’m actually just exercising.  Sorry for being interested in fitness. 

But, just like I do with all exercise, if it doesn’t result in some cool skill or makes my body hotter, what’s the point?  So below is a lil exercise to hone those skillz in the strongest muscle of your body.  Enjoy.

How to of the day —

How to Tie  Cherry Stem with Your Tongue




7 Sep

I went into a dark place this weekend. Yes, the long weekend was a time of reading, rest, relaxation…and FOOD. I went to a friend’s cabin with two of my girl friends and her parents. Well, let me just say that many a cocktail was consumed, and I feel like I could be full for the

captures the essence of my emotions whilst devouring appetizers this weekend.

next year of my life. It’s so hard in those situations when the parents are around and you don’t want to make them feel bad if you don’t eat it. I’m making it out to be worse than it was, but there were a few cheesy, oozy melty dips which I ate. But overall, we had sandwiches, turkey and corn one night, beef on buns one night, so not thaaaat bad. But still, I feel so full.

So now that I had my weekend of fun, it’s time to drill down and sink my teeth into a) ballet (coming up next week!) and b) 1/2 marathon training with V!!!! So glad she convinced me to do it with her- while this will be her SECOND 1/2, this is only my first and I’m excited/nervous/ready to do it.

So while this weekend may have been a set back (also went to the State Fair on Thursday which did NOT help), I’m picking myself back up, taking control, and am ready to tackle my body head-on and get in shape!



New Adventure: Ballet.

25 Aug

so graceful!

So while V and I are on this weight loss journey, I got to thinking; why not challenge myself by doing something athletic and fun that I’ve never done before but always wanted to do? With that, I signed up for ballet. That’s right, yours truly will sport a leotard and tights and fly across the room as gracefully as I possibly can.

Ballet and/or dance is something I have always wanted to do. When people ask what I would have done differently in high school (particularly regarding sports since I was grandfathered in to cross country running, cross country skiing and track), I immediately answer either dance or theater. So, I’m really excited that I just went for it, got recommendations of a good school, and signed up for 4 months of hour and a half ballet classes. Welp, here goes nothing.

holy hell this is awful.

One of the biggest questions I had after I signed up was “what do I wear?” At first I was thinking some cute little leotard, skirt and leg warmers like that girl in Step Up. I soon realized that there is no way I could pull something like that off given my size. So then I started google searching. THIS popped up. Let’s hope to GOD I don’t have to wear this. A neon blue unitard with nasty little hood thing AND footies? Sick. I was immediately afraid. But after looking, I think I’ll get a plain black leotard, maybe some pink tights and some simple pink ballet shoes (pointe is next year).

Another thing I’m worried about is flexibility. While V is perfecting her flexibility via yoga,

holy hell, again.

mine is just awful. Hopefully this class will help me be more bendable (always a good thing- wink) and able to move my body in different directions. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to do anything psycho like this  <– for quite some time. Isn’t that insane? Slash kinda weird? I mean look at her legs! INSANE! BTW check out that dude’s hot ass and muscly arms…yowza.

Anyways, new adventures abound and I’m sure that learning ballet will be quite the experience filled with lots of love and lots of hate, but in the end will be something I’m truly passionate about.

So raise a glass of water and cheers to new adventures and possibilities. Never forget that this one life you have is YOUR life and you can learn something new and wonderful any time you want- no matter what the situation OR your age. Take life by the hands and remember that nothing is impossible!




11 Aug

she makes it look so fucking easy.

Quite the title huh? Well, it’s nearing the end of the day and I know that I need to do some sort of activity after work. What holds me back? Primarily the facts that I’m a) out of shape and b) hate that jiggling sensation when I run or do something strenuous.

While the only way to get rid of that jiggling is to workout, it’s still intimidating. And after a long, stressful, irritating day I may be tired, but boy will it feel good to get some of that aggression out. To be honest, I look forward to some peace and quiet and unwinding at the end of the day. And what a way to do so- got to Hyland Nature Reserve and take a deep breath in the quiet woods. Love it. Plus, it’s just one hour out of my day. Think of how well I will sleep tonight?

So go get your run/walk/tennis/bike/karate/ballet/belly dancing on and let’s shed some cals and gain some endorphins!