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alllll byyyy myselffffff

6 Oct

those canadian pipes belt out dreams.

I really hope when you read this blog post title you sang it in your head like Celine Dion. I know I did. I moved into a new apartment this weekend, which is awesome. And, you guessed it, I’m living all by myself. I could not be MORE excited about this. The one thing that does worry me is my tendency to get bad food and eat it. My downfall comes when I go to the grocery store after work and I’m just starving and have no willpower to say no to things. So, I got some nice advice to help with this: go to the grocery store more often so I can get a little piece of fish or some chicken to cook the next day, and never go to the grocery store hungry. Good point. So, instead of heading there right after work, I should go home and go for a walk or run, have my dinner THEN head to the store for the next day or 2. It’s also an activity to do post-dinner instead of vegging out. Sounds great doesn’t it? We’ll see how I do.

In the meantime, I think I’ll load up my iPod with Celine Dion and run away my weight loss blues to her tranquil Canadian melodies.




The Trough

15 Sep

I work in the bakery/deli department at a food distributor.  We don’t make the food, but we decide what to have available for our stores, what to feature, etc.

So, vendors always like to show us their new products.  As you can imagine, in a bakery/deli department, this includes (but is not limited to) cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, donuts, pies, brownies, breads, rolls, buns, muffins, scones, meat, dips, salads (mayo based, duh), crackers, chips, cheeses, buffalo wings, boneless buffalo wings, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, green beans, stuffing, and that’s just off the top of my head…

These are then set out on a little counter in our department.  And by little, I mean, it’s probably 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.  The department is kind of set-up in a horseshoe shape.  This counter is right at the top of the horseshoe, next to the printer.  How convienent.  The other side of my wall is actually what the shelf is attached to.  How convienent, again.

We have fondly named this shelf, the trough.  Because we essentially just graze and feed all day long. 

Intially, it was hard to say no.  Then it got better.  But, let me tell you; on those long days when you’re ready to punch the next person who emails you a dumb question, the cheescake looks GOOD. 

The one thing about it, is it’s easier to say no to desserts when I’m out in real life, because I’m sick of them.  Want a donut?  No thank you, last week I had 5 in one day.  They were baked fresh an hour ago and iced right in front of my face.  This has been sitting out for hours.  I’m better than that.

Anyway, today we just have a couple of those roll cakes (it’s like a cake that has some sort of filling, rolled up, so when you cut a slice, it’s a delightful little spiral of let’s say, angel food cake and raspberry filling), and a couple of cheesecakes.

Anyway, the trough is one of my biggest adversaries in this little journey.  I’ll send updates when the selection is particularly good/bad.




7 Sep

I went into a dark place this weekend. Yes, the long weekend was a time of reading, rest, relaxation…and FOOD. I went to a friend’s cabin with two of my girl friends and her parents. Well, let me just say that many a cocktail was consumed, and I feel like I could be full for the

captures the essence of my emotions whilst devouring appetizers this weekend.

next year of my life. It’s so hard in those situations when the parents are around and you don’t want to make them feel bad if you don’t eat it. I’m making it out to be worse than it was, but there were a few cheesy, oozy melty dips which I ate. But overall, we had sandwiches, turkey and corn one night, beef on buns one night, so not thaaaat bad. But still, I feel so full.

So now that I had my weekend of fun, it’s time to drill down and sink my teeth into a) ballet (coming up next week!) and b) 1/2 marathon training with V!!!! So glad she convinced me to do it with her- while this will be her SECOND 1/2, this is only my first and I’m excited/nervous/ready to do it.

So while this weekend may have been a set back (also went to the State Fair on Thursday which did NOT help), I’m picking myself back up, taking control, and am ready to tackle my body head-on and get in shape!



Friendly Get-Togethers: Fun? Yes. Easy to stay healthy? Absolutely NOT.

24 Aug

The end of summer/beginning of fall is a time when everyone seems to have those last parties, cabin weekends, all-out nuts Friday nights where the booze flows like wine and the appetizers/party food consists of mostly carbs, sugar and more awful things for your body. So what to do in these situations when you still want to have fun but want to steer clear of the bad food?

my buddy, Mills, just livin' the dream at one of our get-togethers in Lutsen, MN.

It’s extremely difficult to stay focused on eating right when everyone around you is having fun. So how can you say no to the delicious lasagna at 4 AM or the 5th martini of the night when all the girls are having another? Self control? Unfortunately I am lacking in that department. So maybe I take precautions that seem annoying beforehand that help me stay on track during those nights of mayhem.


1) Eat before going out. If you are full, you’ll drink less and be less-inclined to gorge when drunk.

2) Buy/bring your own alcohol. If you are in control of what you drink, you can make sure to count the calories and keep track so you don’t end up having 8 fruity caloric shots.

3) Drink enough to pass out and skip the late night pizza (or if you’re like me, you crave the awful “Tornado Pepper Jack Cheese” taquitos at Super America. So bad, but soooo good).

4) Munch on something salty (nuts) and sweet (raisins) instead of getting candy or something bad. This salty/sweet combo should nip that craving in the bud.

And last but definitely not least:

5) Hook up with someone. Nothing better than having a hot one night stand or hook up to prevent you from eating tons late at night.

friend mayhem: shaving our friend's overly-hairy chest whilst completely intoxicated.

So enjoy those memories with your friends. Imbibe to your heart’s desire, but keep in mind these little suggestions for keeping it real and keeping it tight when inebriation sets in. Hell, maybe don’t drink yourself silly and go for a run the next day? Just a thought- but getting hammered sounds wayyyy more appealing.

And think of it this way: the smarter you are drunk, the more hot hook ups you’ll have drunk! Woot woot!



Chex Mix My Ass!

16 Aug

PattiCake has a massive bowl of Chex Mix on her desk today. What do I do?!!! RESIST. I have a good healthy lunch, a wedding next weekend and no time to spare. Keep focused, resist those salty morsels of deliciousness and FOCUS! Ugh. So hard!

what a sign- when I searched "gorging on chex mix" this picture popped up on google. Good to know that I'll get a sucker punch to the face from Chuck Norris if I give in to evil Chex Mix...

Luckily I have plenty of work to do today that will keep me very busy. In fact, I shouldn’t even be posting, but I am. This little gem of an image popped up when searching “gorging on chex mix,” so I’m taking it as a sign to steer clear of that bowl.



Drinks with “the guys.” Never just one drink.

13 Aug

Happy Friday the 13th! If you’re like me, you relish in the thought that today is a terrifying, horrifyingly superstitious day and many weird things could happen. One not-so-weird thing is meeting up with friends at the end of a long week to “grab a drink.” As we all know, twentysomethings are not prone to just “grabbing A drink.” No, we like to imbibe liberally and enjoy our 1 or 10 drinks when starting the

rarrr lovin' the vodka soda

weekend. Tonight I am meeting up with a few guy friends whom I have not seen in quite some time. There’s sure to be some storytelling, reminiscing and above all, round upon round of drinks. What to do in this situation whilst on a quest to look and feel good naked? Do I give up my social life and cut out all alcohol? Don’t think I can do that- nor do I want to.

BUT I can make wise decisions, such as limiting alcohol intake during the week (right now I don’t drink at all during the week) and choosing the right beverage. Beer=delish, but too many cals/carbs. Whiskey=usually paired with some type of pop which I’ve cut out of my diet (high fructose corn syrup is a big no-no). Which leaves the winner:  vodka soda!

mmmm vodka sodaaaaaa

No calories in the mixer, low calories in the alcohol, refreshing and delicious AND clear alcohol mixed with clear mixers hits the body faster, meaning fewer drinks and faster drunk. My favorite? Blueberry vodka soda with a little wedge of lime. So instead of chugging down 5 of my favorite manhattans or old fashions or Magic Hat #9 beers, I’ll have 2-3 blueberry vodka sodas and be fine 🙂 Feel good the next day, have fun with the boys, and enjoy my social Friday. That’s the goal. And if I feel good naked due to the booze? All the better. Hasta mañana bitches!



Keeping an Eye on the Prize

11 Aug

So, I got ambitious today on our new journey and brought a salad for lunch. Rather, my mom (we’ll refer to her as S from now on) made me a lunch reminiscent of those I had in high school: all green, hardly any carbs. Salad with cucumbers, red peppers and a light vinaigrette, grapes and a yogurt. Wow. So here is the dilemma my coworker PattiCake (we’ll call her) made a fresh batch of cookies and has them on her desk. How do I resist those after I’ve had my totally healthy lunch and crave something carbalicious? The power of the mind, apparently. Keeping the eye on the prize is so important.

We’ve set a series of goals here at Drawstring to G-String, and we think it’s time to share our first one: 10 lbs down = LINGERIE.

Lingerie? Really? YES! What better way to feel sexy and good about the pounds you just lost than by splurging on a fun piece of lingerie for that special someone or those “good times” we haven’t met yet?

So, with our initial ‘prize’ set, let’s keep our eyes on it and refuse that cookie after the healthy lunch. I’m motivated, are you?