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Keeping an Eye on the Prize

11 Aug

So, I got ambitious today on our new journey and brought a salad for lunch. Rather, my mom (we’ll refer to her as S from now on) made me a lunch reminiscent of those I had in high school: all green, hardly any carbs. Salad with cucumbers, red peppers and a light vinaigrette, grapes and a yogurt. Wow. So here is the dilemma my coworker PattiCake (we’ll call her) made a fresh batch of cookies and has them on her desk. How do I resist those after I’ve had my totally healthy lunch and crave something carbalicious? The power of the mind, apparently. Keeping the eye on the prize is so important.

We’ve set a series of goals here at Drawstring to G-String, and we think it’s time to share our first one: 10 lbs down = LINGERIE.

Lingerie? Really? YES! What better way to feel sexy and good about the pounds you just lost than by splurging on a fun piece of lingerie for that special someone or those “good times” we haven’t met yet?

So, with our initial ‘prize’ set, let’s keep our eyes on it and refuse that cookie after the healthy lunch. I’m motivated, are you?