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This is a song for the ladies

21 Jan

… but fellas, listen closely.

I love Tenacious D.  Maybe you just got that reference?

Either way, as Tenacious D sends out his sage advice over song, I would like to offer up a song in honor of my dear friend and fellow blogger, A.

A, this is a song for you.  But your Ginger should listen closely.




Winter Blues

20 Jan

Good morning!

As of December 23, the days are getting longer again.  The sun IS shining more than it did yesterday.  We are inching closer to summer.  But that light/warmth at the end of the tunnel/snow bank still seems far away. 

One of the side effects of the winter blues is the challenge of staying motivated.  How good does a salad for dinner sound when your body is still chilled from driving home from work?  Maybe it’s just me, when it comes down to it, a hearty plate of spaghetti and meatballs trumps spinach leaves many nights. 

angelina jolie vacationing in minnesota

Somedays, stepping out into the cold, but having the sun shine down while your nose hairs freeze, makes me feel alive and connected to humanity by experiencing what Mother Nature has to give.  But, that moment is fleeting.  Only once this winter have I actually run outside.  That was Christmas morning.  I mostly needed to get out my parents house and felt the need to work off a couple of the hundreds of Christmas cookies I had consumed.

Anyway, this post doesn’t have a point to it other than to say, the journey has slowed.  I’m only down like 2 lbs since Christmas.  I guess since most people gain weight during this period, I’m not mad.  But it’s mostly that the more winter drags on, it sucks the motivation out of me.  Maybe a tropical vacation could help?  Or someone to fuck?  Or just know that anything I can do now will just help me move forward and make me feel even better when my skin doesn’t crack everytime I open a door.

Til then, keep thinking skinnyhotsexxy thoughts. 




6 Jan

Much time has passed since my last post.  Ma b.  Not surprisingly, life happened.  I’ve lost a little over 10 lbs in that time.  Some days it’s been hard and others it’s been quite easy.  The holidays were a slip up, but less so than in years past.  Just as I plan on getting back on the healthy way of life as I push through the Christmas cookie coma, I plan on blogging about it yet again.   

Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.

THESE are the days of our lives