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When life gives you lemons…

17 Nov


make lemon water. Apparently it’s not only good for your digestive system and skin, lemon water gives you essential vitamins and helps you shed some water weight. I’ve started to bring lemon slices to work and have hot water with lemon throughout the day. The first day I felt a little strange, mostly getting used to the acidity and feeling my “system” get “regulated” (think Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia), but I’m absolutely loving my lemon water. I have about 4-5 mugs of hot water and lemon each day. It definitely curbs my appetite- kind of fills up that sweet spot too so you don’t get that post-lunch sweets craving. Try it! Pretty good.




Hell yeah!

16 Nov

I stumbled upon this article today. I really love it- it’s maybe a tad on the feminist side, but I love it nonetheless. I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves as women to look like the girls on Gossip Girl or on 90210 when in actuality, that’s not realistic. There’s so much pressure to LOSE LOSE LOSE that we lose sight of the fact that working out should be a way to build your body up; build muscle, run harder, stretch further. Making sure that your body is healthy and working right. I wish there was less focus on getting that perfect bikini bod and more focus on putting good nutritional foods into your mouth to nourish your body and more emphasis on physical activity that not only enriches your body, but enriches your lives. Exercise should be fun! I’ve always had a problem with this. Exercise has always been

I love skiing!

a chore or an expected activity that would get me into good colleges. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with working out and I would really like to start working on that. I mean, running is hard and it takes a while to get into. But I know I like it when I do it, I just put pressure on myself that working out has to be this big huge all-out sweat fest or nothing happens. I mean, I love being athletic. It’s one of the things I miss most being overweight. I still try to be athletic but it doesn’t come as easy so therefore I do less of it. I love skiing, skating, hiking, kayaking, boot hockey, broomball, bowling, tennis, the list goes on and on! I just need to get in a mindset that moving my body should be fun and not a chore. I should be excited to get out after work and do something to move my body. The question is, how do I start this

And love hiking...especially with my sisters

healthy movement relationship? I know that mentally I’m held back by my fear of working out and not seeing results but I have to let go of that control and just go for it. I was tell Vanessa the other day that I’ve recently reached quite a nice place: a new job, a new apartment, and a good relationship with friends and family. I feel like my life is coming into it’s own but the one thing that I’m failing at is this weight loss. So the other day I felt this calm come over me- like I knew exactly what I needed to do to make this work. I felt a calm about food and felt excited about moving my body and the possibilities I have for myself athletically. If I focus on that, both healthy relationship with food and working out, I think I can see some results. I’m on my own and only I can make this decision for myself. I choose to have my healthy relationships start now. When will yours start?