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Why Weight?

28 Oct

I started a new job this week, woot woot! It’s awesome. One of the best things is being surrounded by young, fit people who take pride in how they look and how they dress (but not to an obnoxious point). It’s great- health and nutrition are definitely focused on here, having a work out gym AND training classes provided for us every day. The communal snacks are healthy too- the fridge stocked with milk, fruit and light cheese snacks and the dry snacks consisting of nuts and dried fruit, light crackers and granola. another nice thing is that they encourage taking an hour to an hour and half each day for exercise- everyone does it. talk about awesome!! and i DONT want to be the one that’s eating all the time so there’s some peer pressure that will keep the snacking down.

anyways, lucky for me, i’m here just in time for this “Why Weight” challenge. Pretty much what you’re thinking, biggest loser-style 6 week weight loss challenge where you are in teams of 4 and the the team with the biggest % loss wins (not strict lbs. but %

looks like santa may need a lil help before the holidays...mrs. clause will love it!

of body weight lost). There’s also a big $$ pot involved! Winning team gets all the dinero. awesome. So, this challenge goes through november into early december- just in time for christmas. it’s actually pretty good because i figure if i lose weight before the holidays, i’m more likely to be good come party time. also being with a team of 3 people that i don’t know (who are really competitive) will be good peer pressure too- don’t f it up annie!!!

so- my goal is to go to at least 3 classes per week here at work (i’m dropping my health club membership- makes no sense when everything is available here, right?!) and eat lots of veggies and healthy food. just be smart about it, ya know? already i feel like i’ve lost some weight this week just not snacking at work! there are also PLENTY of attractive young males in this office, wouldnt hurt to look and feel my best!!! maybe even pull THIS out for the company holiday party this year?

ho ho ho...literally.


so, for the next 6 weeks i’m going to drink far less (i know i know, it’s tough, but i’m really gonna try), eat less and try and get these flabby arms in shape!! and hopefully come out the other end the better/hotter because of it.

so here’s to not waiting to weigh less! start your own why weight challenge with me if you’d like!




Change of heart

20 Oct

I know it’s been a while since my last post.  Ma b.

But, I’ve making some good progress on the journey from drawstrings to g-strings.  I’m down almost 7 pounds in Weight Watchers!  Maybe more since this started?  I didn’t weigh at the blog beginning.  But, anyway, Yay!  In the scheme of where I want to be, that’s very minimal.  But, It’s built the foundation.

What I’ve learned so far is that for me, I realize this is a journey and a lifestyle adjustment.  Therefore, I’m ok if it takes a while, but I can make real, sustainable, improvements.

I was talking to our friend, Nursifer, about this.  Nursifer has had her own ups and downs with weight.  She lost a bunch of weight back when were in Middle School, but maaaaaaaaaybe didn’t do it in a healthy way.  So, she had to spend some good time in college figuring out how to be healthy about weight loss.  But, she’s healthy now 🙂

Anyway, we agreed that no matter what, time will pass, so if we can gradually be losing weight, that’s awesome.  This summer will come soon enough.  No matter my job or my relationship status, or whatever life gives me, I have the opportunity each day to choose to be healthy and happy, or not.

So I still hold by the fake it til you make it in some arenas, I think I now have embraced the idea of carpe diem. Seize the day.  Make each day great, and better than the one before.

as jack kelly would say, seize the day!!

Somedays I eat like crap, don’t exercise, drink too much, lay around my house, engage in inappropriate relations, whatever.  I’m ok with that.  I want my life to have some missteps 🙂  That’s what’s fun about the ride.  But, rather than faking the progress, I am going to try to embrace my choices and always try to keep the eye on the prize.  That way, I can enjoy the indulgences but not get swept up in them.




8 Oct

One of the adjectives that I openly accept about myself is that I can be a little creepy.  I mean this in a benign, harmless way.  I just like to think that I’m curious, inquisitve and engaged.  I remember people from high school that don’t remember me.  I have I think somewhere in the range of 1,400 facebook friends.  Whatever.

Anyway, I am also a big Twins fan (even though our boys aren’t looking good against the evil pinstripes).  Apparantly, every year the Twins rookies dress up in costumes, at the end of the season.  It’s kind of a hazing rookie thing.  Seems kind of funny to me.  I know my fair share of baseball players, and overall, I would say that baseball players are a fun bunch.  They’re my top pick (though who can resist a soccer player’s body?!?!?!).  SO, being the engaged, inquisitive, curious person I am, I’m friends with the squirrely side-armer, Pat Neshek.  On his blog, he had a pic of the rookies dressed up.

Most are more beautiful than I would have thought.  I knew Butera was out.  But Trevor Plouffe?  Maybe he should get some more innings so I can see him.  But hands down, Danny Valencia fills out that Borat suit well, even with the censor (damn you, Neshek).

So, if you hear of a Vanessa Valencia in the news, just be happy that I’m out, continuing to live the dream.  If you’re lucky, I’ll post the honeymoon pics, and I’ll exclude the censor block.



my husband - Danny Valencia, Alex Burnett, Drew Butera, Jeff Manship, Ben Revere, Trevor Plouffe

alllll byyyy myselffffff

6 Oct

those canadian pipes belt out dreams.

I really hope when you read this blog post title you sang it in your head like Celine Dion. I know I did. I moved into a new apartment this weekend, which is awesome. And, you guessed it, I’m living all by myself. I could not be MORE excited about this. The one thing that does worry me is my tendency to get bad food and eat it. My downfall comes when I go to the grocery store after work and I’m just starving and have no willpower to say no to things. So, I got some nice advice to help with this: go to the grocery store more often so I can get a little piece of fish or some chicken to cook the next day, and never go to the grocery store hungry. Good point. So, instead of heading there right after work, I should go home and go for a walk or run, have my dinner THEN head to the store for the next day or 2. It’s also an activity to do post-dinner instead of vegging out. Sounds great doesn’t it? We’ll see how I do.

In the meantime, I think I’ll load up my iPod with Celine Dion and run away my weight loss blues to her tranquil Canadian melodies.