22 Sep

Expenses. I lose sleep worrying about them. Why does everything have to cost so much? And to that fact, why do I selfishly crave/need/want have so much stuff?? All this made me re-evaluate my finances since I’m moving into a new apartment in a week and a 1/2. When looking at my checking card/credit card statements (which I normally don’t do because I’m frightened to see what I spend money on) I realized that my spending habits directly relate to my weight- at least I think so. Let me explain.

oh booze...what you do to my wallet.

This past month a majority of my discretionary funds were spent on none other than BOOZE. Sad, but true. Such and such amount at this bar, such and such amount at that liquor store…and granted I’ve had my birthday party and some other parties where I needed to bring booze of some sort (I mean, it’s the best hostess gift you could ever get), but seriously self? I don’t need to spend a majority of my funds on you. Another culprit on the list is FOOD. I mean, WHY do I have to eat out so much? It’s not that I have to, but more that I want to, which I need to get under control. If all I do is drink and eat bad food, what else is left?

So after dissecting my spending habits, I realize that I need to re-prioritize my life. Make exercise a top habit (and I mean, I love being outdoors in the fall!) and do things that maybe do not require booze all the time. I can go out with my friends on a walk, rather than caloric happy hours. Go to a cool art gallery or free music show rather than pay $100 for Lady GaGa (who I’m dying to see, BTW). And I mean, I can just take some shots then head to the bar, right? I don’t have to buy shots or beers for people! I’ll just be less friendly in my “I want you to get to my drunken level so here’s a shot” way, and more friendly in my drunken self way.

Long story short, this journey is not solely about weight loss, but examining the person I am and making strides to accept the parts that are truly me and change the things that I don’t like- such as eating habits and spending habits. Life is so much more than this-  I want to just enjoy my friends and hobbies and not be hung up on this bullshit. So, I’ll keep plugging away, stay positive, and maybe get some ass?




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